in Idiomas

On Tuesday 29th November the World Day Skype was celebrated. In Salesianos Los Boscos we joined this activity thanks to the teacher Gullermo Medrano, who organised with the Language Department a Skype Marathon in which students from different ages and courses participated. 

The 3rd ESO students started with a conection with India and inspite of the different times, everything went right, breaking the ice and starting with the activity. 4th ESO continued and connected with the United Arab Emirates. 2nd ESO spoke with Malasia and FPB had th opportunity to talk to Qatar and Nigeria.

The second session took place in the afternoon and evening with a mixed group of FPB, 3rdand 4th ESO, who came voluntarily with the objective to participate in more conferences and conections and continue with the great experience they had in the morning. They spoke withSweden, USA, the Philipines and Canada.