Ideas for an evironmentally friendly school and city

4th ESO students are very conscious of the problems our environment has, so they have been thinking of ideas to improve our school and our city. They've come up with great ideas for an environmentally friendly school and city. Have a look at these excellent projects!



A World of Heritage

3rd ESO students know a lot about UNESCO World Heritages sites and presented their projects on this subject to their classmates. Projects about Alhambra, Ankor Wat,Galapagos Islands, The Great Barrier Reef... and many more. 

Intercambio Logroño - Libourne 2016

Visitas al Ayuntamiento de Logroño, Parlamento de La Rioja, Bodegas Franco Españolas, Instituto Sagasta, Museo Würth, Cubo del Revellín, Casa de las Ciencias...También hemos trabajado en nuestro proyecto eTwinning y hemos presentado nuestro colegio, ciudad y región.


Y con la tristeza de la separación de nuestros nuevos amigos nos despedimos hasta el mes de abril, viajaremos a Libourne para vivir nuevas experiencias.

Aquí tenéis el VIDEO resumen de la semana.


On Tuesday 29th November the World Day Skype was celebrated. In Salesianos Los Boscos we joined this activity thanks to the teacher Gullermo Medrano, who organised with the Language Department a Skype Marathon in which students from different ages and courses participated. 

Irish cities

The students from 2A Secondary are travelling around Ireland and visiting different cities. Have a look at their blog entries to see where they are going and what they are visiting. Aren't they great?



Films Based on True Stories

4th ESO students have been working on a project about films: Films Based on True Stories! They have researched about the film, the story, the actors, the reviews, the plot... and these are their presentations. They are really good!


127 hours from begomesonada


Ted's talks are already here!!


Our mate Hugo has been the first one to break the ice. He has made a very good presentation about an interesting talk called "Let's not use Mars as a backup planet"


My profile

Do you want to see our students' profiles and their friends'? 
3rd ESO students have done theirs. Have a look at them.